Adult Awards

By Rusty Hayes

Posted: October 20, 2015 at 10:31 AM

Chris Mixson Best in Show Award $500- "The Ephemeral Flight of a Captive Butterfly" by Aldo Muzzarelli

Rip and Jackie Kearse Award $250- "Purple Passion" by Suzanne Aulds

Mary Young Award $250- "Mandala No. 12-1" by Ryoko Miller

Jurors Choice Award $200-

"The Lovers" by George Gregory

"Blue and White" by Shelby Wilson

"Alien Flowers" by Olga Yukhno

"My Life Storm" by LaToya Thompson

Honorable Mention $100-

"Without Place" by Yelitza Diaz

"Canna Surprise" by Renea Eshleman

"Palmetto Light" by Sharon Taylor Padgett

"Celestial Prophesy" by Ondaree Kelley-Tucker